Funeral Insurance FAQ

This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section is a must read for those who need basic knowledge about Funeral Insurance. This  article includes the answers of the questions that you will love to know about funeral insurance.

Frequenty Asked Questions - Mulligan Funeral Home

Why Do You Need Funeral Insurance?

There are many good reasons why you would need this insurance. Like many people, you might not be thinking of burial and funeral expenses when determining your family’s need for life insurance and this is one of the ways that funeral insurance will be helpful.

Funeral insurance coverage is a great thing to have if you want to ensure that your loved ones are not burdened financially when you pass away. This is especially true today because the cost for funeral and burial can be extremely expensive. Buying today can result in great savings as some types of funeral insurance policies are designed to lock in the expenses at the current prices. You can get a burial policy to cover the final expenses of just person or your entire family. 51% Americans told that they buy life coverage to fund their funerals, according to LIMRA.

How Much Funeral Insurance You Should Buy?

The amount of funeral insurance coverage that you buy should depend on how much you are expecting your final expenditures to cost. This means that it is important to start planning from early to have an idea of your funeral expenses as well as to determine the appropriate amount of coverage to buy. You want to ensure that enough coverage is purchased in advance to avoid burdening your beneficiaries or families. Today an average funeral costs up to $9,000 in the USA and thus you need to ensure at least $9k or more for your insurance policy. You can take few important factors in account to calculate the right amount of funeral coverage that you need.

What Does Funeral Insurance Cover?

Funeral Insurance is a lump sum of money that is paid to the policy holder’s family or beneficiary in order to cover their funeral costs in the event of death. The cost of a funeral can be a very tricky expense to deal with, especially when loved ones are grieving but the right cover can definitely help to make things better. Your funeral insurance can cover expenses such as the cremation, urn or casket, embalming, transportation to the service, headstone, grave digging and filling, cemetery plot, flowers, and so on.

How to Find Suitable Funeral Insurance?

The best approach to take would be to shop around and then do comparisons of the type of coverage that different companies have to offer. You should take advantage of the online tools which are readily available to help you compare multiple companies and their products to ensure that you are getting the right rate for your existing budget.

Benefits of Purchasing Coverage from Funeral Home:

Funeral homes are offering some of the least expensive and broadest insurance programs.

You are able to name a funeral home as your beneficiary on the insurance policy to ensure that all the final costs are paid for in advance and your family members are left with little or absolutely no responsibility to make payments.

Once all your funeral costs are covered the funeral home will give any money that is left over to other named beneficiaries.